Products and Services

Need a handheld flash device for your vehicle?

We prefer dealing locally, and you’d be silly to order from web stores, catalogs, or eBay. We are confident that we offer the best prices on SCT and eMotion products in the nation. We know the products, we use the products, and we offer support you won’t find from most retailers and “tune shops”.

Need a complete, custom calibration for your vehicle?

 Dyno Dan utilizes Dynojet’s 424xLC2 Linx  chassis dynamometer that can operate as “inertia only”, or “inertia plus  load control” dynamometer for 2wd and AWD vehicles. Each  and every tuning session ensures not only WOT, foot-on-the-the-floor  performance, but stock like drivability with optimized performance  through the entire operating range of the vehicle. Each  session includes complete, integrated dyno testing, datalogging  (embedded in the dyno run file), and external sensor measurements such as boost or fuel pressure. 

Direct Flash

 We  can directly flash your Ford PCM or Harley-Davidson EC and save you money.  You'll get the  same tune, but you'll be able to keep more of your hard earned cash.  If  you don't need a flash device, then why pay for one?